McGrath Brothers Signature Series

McGrath Brothers Brand is our signature series unfinshed strip product. These products are produced to the high end of each allowed industry grade.

This product is unique in the marketplace because of it's exceptionally high degree of quality--compared to other brands-- when compared side by side and grade by grade with other Brands of Unfinished Hardwood. The mills selected to produce our label must grade to the top of the industry's allowed variance in grade.

For instance, the Nashville Marketplace is dominated by suppliers selling primarily Southern Oak.We sell primarily Appalachian Oak and when the buyer's budget and installation schedule allows, we feature Northern Oak products. Here's why that's important:

Southern oak generally speaking, will have more board to board color variation, more mineral streaking allowed and more knot. It's typically grown in lower valleys, flatlands and wet areas.

Appalachian Oak is grown in the ridges, hills and mountains moving up along the Applachian and Allegheny Mountains. Grown in higher elevations, Mills generating Applachian Grown materials as a general practice, typically allow less color variation, mineral and knot, grade by grade. However, these mills are further away, and as a result, there is a slightly higher cost consideration when pulling these materials into our marketplace.

The difference between Applachian Oak and Southern Oak usually boils down to about .10 cents per square foot. Now when you consider that installers generally cull a higher percentage of southern oak than the Applachian oak-- the reduction in waste will more than offset the slight increase in “front end cost”.

The real payoff, however is in the over-all finished appearance. We have long referred to our Appalachian #1 common as the “POOR MAN'S SELECT” The finished appearance of our Appalachian product is in general, cleaner, longer, and more consistent than that of a Southern Oak product.

Northern Hardwoods-- particularly from the mills that we deal with-- are exceptionally clean grade by grade and species by species, compared to either the Appalachian or the Southern grown hardwoods. Pricing can run 10% to 15% higher due to the distance the product must be freighted and the premium that these products command due to their exceptionally high quality.

However, the old saying: “You get what you pay for” has never been better applied. We have elected to trade in the higher grade goods, for one simple reason: You never insult a customer when offering them the better or best products in a category.

McGrath Brothers Signature Series Hardwood is the smart choice when VALUE, not Price is the primary consideration. Superior Quality, grade by grade is what this Brand is about.

Thank you for considering McGrath Brothers Signature Series Unfiniashed Hardwood for your project! Rick McGrath, Owner, McGrath Brothers Hardwood Floors.