Sand and Finish Services





Regardless of whether you bought your unfinished flooring from us or not, and

whether it's new construction or remodel/refinishing work--

McGrath Brothers is pleased to provide warranted contract workroom services--

for significanly less than the average rates of “big box” home centers and National “shop at

home” retailers.


Now, whether you bought your flooring at a home, liquidation, slavage, cash and carry

or “super discount” warehouse center, online or from a Habitat Recycle store-- you can still get

the professional pre-installation and installation services necessary to protect your new investment

and to assure your floor is installed properly.


In special circumstances, we can even make arrangements for traveling/overnight contractors to

perform installations on custom projects, or to assist in large scale projects, where qualified, local subcontractors are not available.


An industry experienced professional will visit your project, make a pre-installtion inspection

of your home, subfloor, and jobsite moisture condition so you achieve both an asthetically

pleasing -and- a technically correct installation and/or finshing of your hardwood flooring.


We will provide a written estimate, then schedule, supervise and warrant the completed

installation and finishing of your hardwood flooring.


Our crews are licensed and insured and there is always an English Speaking Supervisor on

all jobs, regardless of the Nationality or Ethniticy of workers assigned to your



We do not allow smoking inside any building on any jobsite, ever. Employees

or subcontractors who violate this ban are subject to immediate termination. Employees

or subcontractors who appear intoxicated by any substance are subject to immediate

termination. We welcome your call in the event you suspect such activities are occuring.


We have verified that our workers are Legally entitled to work in the US, regardless

of whether this is by Birth, Emmigration or Work Visa.


We offer our estimating and pre-installation inspeciton services for a flat $100.00 Service charge.

Of course, if we perform the work for you, we will apply a credit for the $100.00 against your

final invoice.


Our inspections checklist will be in conformance with the Manufacturer's site condition

recommendations or in the event that no such recommendations are offered, will generally

adhere to standards established and recommended by the National Wood Flooring Association,

of which we are a member in good standing.