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"We're in the arms of our Angels,"  Rick McGrath of McGrath Brothers said, "We've survived a devastating flood, without insurance, and despite the heavy losses, each day, an old customer, an old friend, a referral, sometimes, just plain miracles happen where we are able to continue on our hard fought road to recovery"  You can find us at or call us toll free at 877-853-4118.  We have moved to higher ground at 2607 Winford Ave, Nashville, TN 37211   "We're Nashville's leading Discount Wholesale Flooring Broker, and we're coming back," McGrath said, "one job at a time" 

"Sometimes, it's easy to feel forgotten, overwhelmed or "not worthy" when your work load seems overwhelming and the rewards few."  When our hearts are breaking, and our spirits are sagging from what seems an impossible task, there are words, songs and music that comfort us, " McGrath said.  

"We believe in Angels.  We believe in Miracles.  We Believe."  Here's a song from Sarah McLachlan, with her hit, "The Arms of the Angels, from the movie, City of Angels.  "The serentity of this song," McGrath said, "touches my soul"  "and that next shovel" doesn't seem as heavy"  "Our business, our future, our everything, is now based completely on faith" "... and the kindness of strangers"

God Bless you Sarah, for this beautiful work.